Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Enfield Ramble...Almost

The Enfield Ramble is a short and scenic ride from the Road Biking Northern New England book. It's only about 10 miles long following the book's route. We live pretty close to Enfield so we can ride to the start and increase it to 25 miles. My better half completed it last week on her own. I've been meaning to get out and complete the same ride for a couple weeks. Yesterday was to be the day that I checked it off my list of rides to do. I almost got it done too. But there was some road construction going on along Shaker Hill Road which caused me to miss a turn. No worries though, I found the ride a long the length of Shaker Hill Road to be quite enjoyable.

I managed to find some time to mess around with my camera a bit more too. When I stopped for a snack at the bench on the banks of Mascoma Lake along the rail trail I was treated to a group of ducks feeding along with a heron. The ducks were making a lot of noise which made them impossible to miss.

I finally got around to having the trusty Trek 520 tuned up this week. I have to say I'm very glad I did. The bike is performing even better than when new. It's good to have a decent local bike shop around. My 520 was bought back in May and has well over one thousand miles on it. The headset was loose, spokes were loose, and shifting became a bit sloppy. Check Omer and Bob's in Lebanon if you're in need of anything bike related, they should be able to sort you out.

Even though I did not get the Enfield Ramble checked off my list yesterday, I still greatly enjoyed the day cruising through scenic Enfield and Shaker Village. The foliage is really starting to turn colors now which makes for another excuse to get your ass out and go for a ride.

The mornings can be quite cool and foggy. I usually wait for it to warm it a little and the fog to clear. The downside of this though, is that by the time I get going its almost lunch, then after a decent ride, it doesn't leave much time to prep and cook dinner for my lovely lady before she gets home. But so far I've been managing.

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