Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Kilo WT Review After 3k Miles

 Holy cow! Its been 7 years since I updated this blog. Time just flies by. I kind of feel bad for neglecting the blog, but life has been busy. A lot has happened in this 7 year span. Gladly, one thing remains unchanged...my love for bikes and riding bikes. I bought the Kilo WT way back in 2017 because I wanted something that would accommodate wider tires than my Eighthinch Scrambler would tolerate. 

I never really rode the wheels that came with it, nor the bars. I pretty quickly upgraded to H Plus Son Archetype wheels as well as Nitto for shred bars. But I have steadily ticked away the miles on this bike and I've really enjoyed it. I threw an Origin8 pizza rack on the front and the bike has really served me well. 

I was going to get the chrome version, but my friend got one before I could. So I got the white one instead and its a sharp looking whip. Eventually though I think I may be ditching the chrome components and going with black wheels, cranks, stem, and bars. I think it will look much better. But for now it is a reliable ripper. I've done all kinds of rides on it. I did a couple gravel races on it and even made it to the podium once. I've ridden with friends to grab a few beers and of course commuted like a thousand or more miles on it. 

I'm convinced that for the money this frame is really hard to beat. Personally I would not hesitate to buy another if I was in need of a new bike.