Monday, April 29, 2024

Weapon TC01

 After destroying my poor Kilo WT I needed to find something else to fit my needs. BikesDirect has been out of stock on the Kilo WTs for a while, and I am an impatient person. So I searched around various websites, shops looking for what was available.

My next frame had to be steel, allow for fairly wide tires, and be either chrome or raw finish. It also needed to be less than a grand in price.

There was a lot of decent options out there. I even considered getting a custom frame made just for me. Ultimately I settled on the Weapon TC01. The price was right. They claim it is triple butted steel in the main tubes. I have no way of confirming that as I am not about to cut the tubes to find out. It has clearance for some pretty beefy tires. It was available in a raw kind of finish too. 

I just moved most of the parts from my kilo over to it. I did buy a longer stem and black hplus son wheelset. Oh yeah and some black omnium cranks.

So far I only have a few hundred miles on it, but I'm really digging it. Currently it's setup for commuter duty. It will likely stay in this configuration until late winter. At that point the front rack will be removed and the gatorskin/thickslick tires will come off in favor of some gravel kings.

My plan is to commute and bar hop on it in this setup and then convert it to a fixed gear gravel crushing monster for the Croatan Buck Fifty next March. 

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